“My only interest is to support your development.”


“Sure, if you stay in your current role I will give you all the support you need.
A new standing desk? Sure.
Time management training? Of course.
The occasional pep talk? You got it.
If you want me to give you training or support that would allow you can move out of my department and force me into a position where I have to find new people or resources to be able to reach my department goals?
Then no.
Hell no.
F*ck NO.
We got work to do and your little goals are secondary to the running of my department.”

Or alternatively

“Well, it is, sort of. I mean, after my responsibilities to upper management, to my immediate superior, to the goals of the department, to my own personal development, to my budget and to people I like better than you, then it is.
At that point, my only interest would be to support your development.
After I’ve had this second cup of coffee.“


“Remember, I’m on your side”


“Don’t doubt my intentions or think too hard about what I’m doing. It’s for ‘your’ good.”

or alternatively

‘We both know I represent corporate interests and that my reassurances are nothing but pseudo camaraderie so you know that I’m keeping my eye on you.”